Cloudbeds PMS

Virdee Cloudbeds Integration

Connect Cloudbeds

  1. Visit our Property evaluation page, submit your data, and one of our experts will get in contact to assist you and create your account.

Disconnect Cloudbeds

If you want to disconnect Cloudbeds PMS, go to your Locations Details page in Virdee Dashboard, and click on Disconnect Cloudbeds App. You also can disconnect through Cloudbeds Marketplace.


The integration will allow the Virdee solution to fully integrate with Cloudbeds.

  • Get reservations upon creation and updates in the Virdee system.

  • Perform check-in from the Virdee solution.

  • Perform check-out from the Virdee solution.

How to get support

If you have questions about the integration, please send an email to

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